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Interference With Two Sound Sources


Consists of a pair of speakers hooked up to the amplifier and a function generator.


To demonstrate the interference pattern produced by two sound sources.



  1. Place the speakers on a cart at least two feet apart. You will have to adjust this distance according to your frequency
  2. Attach the function generator output to the Amplifier and connect the amplified outputs from the amplifier to the input at the back of the stereo labeled “Phono Right”
  3. Ensure the stereo is set to play the phono input
  4. Attach the two cables from the back of the stereo to the speakers as shown in the picture
  5. Test the speakers to check if the polarity is right (they only work one way)
  6. Select a frequency on the function generator and turn up the volume on the stereo
  7. The table (or cart) can be turned so that any interference pattern produced in the direction of the speakers can be swept across the audience producing audible maxima and minima


In the new Hebb theater (as of 2020), a frequency of 600 Hz with three feet of separation between the speakers seems to show a noticeable effect.

Demo room information

Location T1
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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