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AV Receiver/Amplifier

Pictured on the cart that the amplifier is typically kept on. Often the function generator Is kept on the same cart, since for most demos that use the amplifier, the function generator is used as a signal source.


This is an Onkyo TX-SV343 Audio-visual control receiver. For demos, it's typically used as a signal amplifier to drive speakers or occasionally other solenoids. It's used in a number of demonstrations relating to acoustics.


The minimum impedances it can handle are listed on the back.

If you want to use a phone or other MP3 player as a source, a cable that converts RCA to 3.5mm audio jack is usually kept on the cart with the amplifier.

If using the amplifier with a function generator, triple check that the function generator output is actually turned on when you're turning up the volume. Apparently, when the function generator is turned on but the output is disabled, the frequency that the generator is set to still comes through but at a much lower amplitude. This has confounded people multiple times, as it's easy to look over.

Moderate voltages are involved with this. By estimation (60W with 8Ω speakers) it should be outputting only up to 20V… But that hasn't been tested, so take typical precautions and don't touch the leads while the volume is turned up.

Demo room information

Location On cart, as pictured
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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