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Bernoulli Demo


Consists of a large c-shaped piece of plexiglass. On the side a few (currently non-functional) pressure meters are mounted. On the bottom is a piece of foam to absorb the impact should a weight be accidentally dropped. On top is a small hole with a hose attached to the outside. A plexiglass disc with a piece of string to attach weights is also included.


Show Bernoulli's principle in a non-intuitive way.



Attach the reversed vacuum cleaner to the top, and bring up the plexiglass disk. It will 'stick' to the underside of the top once the vacuum cleaner is turned on. Weights can then be suspended from the hook to demonstrate the impressive holding force.


See this page for a very similar (albeit smaller scale) demonstration.

Demo room information

Location C2
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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