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Bernoulli's Hose


Consists of a latex rubber hose with a plastic mouthpiece on one end and a plexiglass disk with a hole in the center on the other end.


Show Bernoulli's principle in a non-intuitive way.


  • Bernoulli's hose
  • Playing card / small piece of paper or cardboard


Place the small piece of paper on the table and put the end of the hose with the circular disk on top of it. Blow into the other end of the hose and observe how the paper can now be lifted off of the table. It may be helpful to show that the piece of paper doesn't 'stick' to the end of the hose unless there is air flowing through it.


See this other demo page for a very similar (and perhaps more impressive) demonstration. It's essentially the same, but larger-scale.

The tubing on this demo has been replaced, it is now much shorter than indicated in the picture.

Demo room information

Location C4
Maker Unknown
Current State Working

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