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Liquid Nitrogen Dewar


5L Dewar for storing Liquid Nitrogen.


If you want some liquid nitrogen for a demonstration please contact the demo room in advance. Unless it's specifically requested we don't keep liquid nitrogen in the demo room. When it's needed, it's picked up from the chemistry building.

Liquid nitrogen can be stored in the Dewar for a surprisingly long time, but it does gradually boil off.1)

Use gloves and goggles at all times while working with liquid nitrogen. The Leidenfrost effect means that small quantities will roll harmlessly across your skin, but if any is allowed to soak into fabric or pool on your skin you may suffer severe frostbite.

Demo room information

Location —-
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
The insulation is very good but (obviously) not perfect. A small amount is continually vaporized so the liquid remains below the boiling point.
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