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Water Lens


Varying the amount of water inside a “lens” to model the behaviour of human eyes



1. Water Lens with a closed syringe attached 2. A thin glass lens to demonstrate human “wearing glass”. 3. A projector with variable focusing ability (Just a focus lens tube attach to a light source) 4. Some image/diagrams to project.

Please refer to the images below for setup.

Operation: - Attach an image between the light source and the focus lens tube (i.e: tape on to the focus lens tube) - “~45 mL” on the syringe is a concave blur projection of the image, which can be sharpen in two ways: 1. Use the thin glass lens after the water lens, since the glass lens is convex lens 2. Pump water from the syringe into the water lens to about “~10 mL” left in the syringe.

* ===== Setup ===== ===== Notes ===== You have to provide your own image to display. Updated on: Dec 07, 2013

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