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Van De Graaff Generator


Classic physics demonstration. Creates large potentials using the Triboelectric effect with a rubber belt and a metal comb.


To demonstrate the effects of a large electrostatic charge on various objects and to demonstrate what coronal discharge looks like.


  • Van de Graaff machine
  • Franklin's Bell
  • Neon Light
  • Aluminum Pie Plates
  • Volunteer with long hair
  • Plastic Stand
  • Soap Bubbles


Instructions for the use are marked on the machine. An electrostatic windmill, neon light and a stack of pie plates can be demonstrated with the machine. “Hair” can be made out of strips of paper so that the paper can stand up on end. Rubber mats are available for student to stand on to show hair standing up.


Demo room information

Location In front of OPQ (2 untested generators are in OPQ0)
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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