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Damping Rlc Circuit


Use function generator and Oscilloscope to show the damping of LRC circuit

* Set up the LRC circuit on the breadboard *

Capacitor used is 1005 PF

Inductors have 20.18 mH and have innate resistance of 259 ohms

Variable resistor should be connected in series with capacitor and inductor

Use the function generator as alternating voltage source (square wave at low frequency can be seem as DC source in a short period of time)

By connecting the two sides of the resistor to the oscilloscope, we can observe the damping phenomenon of the voltage across the resistor in the LRC circuit, as an indication of the damping behavior of the current in LRC circuit .

By varying the resistance of the variable resistor, the damping behavior shown on the oscilloscope will alternate.

Normally when R < sqrt( 4L/C ) , the current in the circuit experience underdamp, when R = sqrt(4L/C), the current in the circuit experience critical damp, when R > sqrt ( 4L/C) , the current experience overdamp.

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