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Molecular Simulator


Simulates molecular phenomena. Speaker Blown as of 09-13-17


The apparatus provides simulation of a wide variety of molecular phenomena at a speed which the eye can follow.


Molecular simulator apparatus and attachments Metal spheres Variac


The two triangular pieces with the flat circular glass insets are attached to three electrical vibrator contacts at the corners. These vibrations are operated through a variac and a transformer from the 115 V AC supply. The plate is then laced on the overhead projector and carefully leveled using the three leveling screws. Different sizes of metal spheres can be placed on the glass plates and their movement studied as they collide, rebound from the walls or pass through a gate in the dividing barrier. A wide range of demonstrations can be done and a detailed instruction manual for these is available. The effect of temperature rise can be simulated by increasing the voltage of the variac. Phenomena in the following general categories can be studied: 1. Molecular behaviour in gases 2. Liquid and solid-like behaviour of molecules. 3. Transport of gases. 4. Fluctuations of density.


Demo room information

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