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Conversion Of Work To Heat


Convert work from raising lead shot into heat.

energy conversion, Newton's first law

Updated 04/25/13


To show that the work done in raising lead shot many times in a tube is converted to heat.


1 m cardboard tubing, 1 kg lead shot, thermometer, rubber stops


Take the temperature of the lead shot to begin with. With the shot in the tube keep turning the tube (about 50 times) allowing the shot to move from one side to the other. Take the temperature immediately afterwards. Work done on the shot is, W = 50*1*1*9.81 = 490 J. Heat gained by the shot is mC(dT) where m = 1 kg and C = 12.6 J/(kg 'C). Hence dT should be about 3.9 'C, but is generally less depending on the heat loss from the tube.


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