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Center Of Gravity


Find the center of gravity for irregular shapes.

center of gravity


To demonstrate experimentally the center of gravity of an assortment of different shaped laminae.


Plywood shapes, Supporting pin axle, Stand, Weight, String


A selection of plywood shapes is available and these are painted black on one side and with the center of gravity marked on the other side as the intersection of two or more black lines on a white background. Fine suspension holes are drilled on the plywood shapes and they can be hung from a pin axle attached at the top of the stand. For each suspended position, mark the vertical (using the hanging weight) with chalk on the black side facing the class and continue to find the center of gravity of the various shapes.


One shape has a center of gravity which lies outside the lamina. Updated on: 06/12/13

Demo room information

Location M3
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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