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Vernier Track


Classes Used: PHYS 100, PHYS 107

There are a variety of experiments that can be conducted with the low friction track and accompanying carts.

Here is a list of experiments performed with this track:

  • Newton's Third Law: by strapping force sensors atop each car and having them collide with each other, the Loggerpro graphs will show that even carts with different initial velocities and different masses exert the exact same equal and opposite force.
  • Diluted Gravity: one end of the track is slightly inclined and a position sensor is placed at one end. The cart is released from rest and given the length of the track and the incline the acceleration due to gravity for the cart can be calculated.
  • Momentum Conservation: using the velcro (perfectly inelastic) and magnets (perfectly elastic) a simple momentum experiment can be created by placing sensors at either end of the track and observing the velocity graphs.


Relevant Equipment: force sensors, motion sensors, attachable mass, velcro, magnets, LabPro.




Demo room information

Location Between E and F
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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