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3kV Power Supply

View of the front of the supply. The HV connections are on the back.


This is a 3kV 20mA power supply. It's used for the can crusher demonstration and other demonstrations that require similarly high voltages, but don't need high current.


  • The output of the supplier is at the back.
  • Turn on both of the switches to turn the Voltage supplier on. The 'AC On' switch turns on the power supply but leaves the output disconnected. 1)
  • When using this to charge demonstrations like the can crusher to high voltage, you can speed up the charging process by setting the target voltage only one 500V 'step' ahead of the actual voltage reading. So for instance, if you want to charge something to 3000V, set the supply to 500V to start and move up in 500V increments once the reading approaches the set value, until you reach 3000V. This seems to cut the charging time in half.

Demo room information

Location N3
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
Perhaps so that the vacuum tubes can be allowed to warm up without having a dangerous high-voltage source left on.
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