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Can Crusher


Crush a pop can! Phys 108, Phys 153, Phys 102



Capacitor from the Big Bang demo, power supply from the power supplies closet, wooden platform with the switch and coil (located upstairs in the electromag room), empty pop can

Set up: Place wooden platform over the PVC pipes covering the capacitor ends. Attach switch and coil to the capacitor after removing lead ends. Support switch so as not to bend copper parts. Place can inside coil (it may require support also if coil is spread out too far).

Charge the capacitor to 3000V (this will take a few minutes). Remove the leads using wooden end of the discharge stick and urn off the supply to the capacitor. Then use the switch to complete the discharge circuit. Can will be 'pinched' at the waist due to eddy currents.

Warnings: High voltages used in this demo! Please ask for assistance from demo personnel if you have not operated this before. REMOVE LEADS BEFORE TURNING OFF THE POWER SUPPLY. Always short the capacitor using the copper rod before touching anything with your hands to make sure it is fully discharged



Demo room information

Location —-
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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