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Genecon Hand-operated Generator


Genecon hand_operated Generator can either works as a power generator or a DC motor

This demonstration aims to show that the capacitor can be used to store energy,but as charges remove easily, it cannot last for a long time

Connecting the generator to the 1 farrad capacitor, and turn the handle of the generator, all the work that you've done to the generator will be transferred and stored in the capacitor

If you had done enough work to the generator, then the energy that stored in the capacitor should keep the handle of the generator keep turning for a short period of time

By comparison, we connect the generator to a 9V battery then we can see that the generator can keep turning for much longer time when powered by the battery

The difference indicates that the capacitor loses the energy easily than battery.

Useful link:

can be found in box with tag—-“hand generator and capacitor” in RED closet





Currently not working. There may be another one that works.

Demo room information

Location —-
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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