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Gauss Rifle


A magnetic linear accelerator is used to accelerate a steel ball bearing down a track. Classes Used: Phys 100, 101

Magnetism, Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Momentum and Impulse

Online Source: Source 1 Updated on 05/30/13


To demonstrate forces and acceleration on an object from a magnet.


Gauss Rifle track, 7 ball bearings, 2 strong magnets (all kept as one piece in storage)


  • Set the track on a level surface on a support to stay upright.
  • Place 3 ball bearings in a row in front of each of the two magnets.
  • Take the last ball bearing and place it at the very end of the track (on the far side of the magnet from the other ball bearings).
  • Give the bearing a small roll towards the first magnet.


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