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Parallel Light Box


Five light bulb holders are connected in parallel, and each holder has a flip switch to control active it.

Five light bulb holders are connected in parallel with each holder being controlled by a flip switch. The back panel of the box is clear acrylic, which allows the student to see through.

Single female three plug is used to provide AC 120V power to the box. For safety, 10A fuse is inserted to regulate the current. (You'll need a male three plug cord to connect from power plug to the box)

This box is built for the bicycle generator demonstration, though it can be used for any other demonstrations if suitable.





1. The acrylic is not that tough, so don't hold the box with one hand. Place your hands on the 2 by 4 blocks (The side walls of the box). 2. The smell on the light box is natural Teak Oil, though do wash your hand after touching the box.

if ever the acrylic needs to be remade. Refer to CAD file from 2013 Summer - Fall Coop. Updated on: Dec 03, 2013

Demo room information

Location N2
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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