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Super Capacitor


The demonstration has a variety of high-value capacitors that can be used for various purposes; in demos requiring capacitors or to just give an example of what capacitors look like.

The capacitors pictured, from left to right, back row then front row have the following values:

  • 10mF 75V
  • 4.2mF 650V
  • 110mF 15V
  • 1µF 20,000V
  • 2700F 2.5V
  • 1F 5V


Demonstrate the properties of capacitors, their construction and general appearance, and the variety of form factors and values they can have.


  • Capacitors


Varies. You can simply show the capacitors, set them up as part of an RC or RLC circuit with the oscilloscope to show their properties or measure time constants, or charge them up and then discharge them to power something/ make a spark.


Danger: Capacitors, particularly the very-high voltage ones, can store a dangerous amount of charge at a dangerously high potential. If you encounter a large-valued capacitor without properly connected shorting leads, assume it is dangerously charged until proven otherwise.

Capacitors can develop a surprisingly large charge a time after being discharged due to dielectric absorption.

Demo room information

Location O2
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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