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Water Stream Deflected By A Charge Rod


Show that water is a polar molecule with a permanent dipole, causing it to be deflected by the charged rod.


Demonstrates the polarity of water


- Ebony rod - Cat's fur - Constant water source


1. Charge the ebony rod by rubbing it with the cat's fur 2. Bring the rod close to the water source 3. You will see a deflection in the stream as shown in the picture In water, the oxygen atom is more electronegative than the hydrogen atom, creating a permanent dipole on a water molecule. If you move a positive + charged rod close to water: 1. The water molecules would orient themselves so their oxygen atoms would point towards the rod 2. Like charges attract, and water is bended towards the rod. If you move a negative - charged rod to water, the same thing happens, but this time the hydrogen would point towards the rod. Updated on 01/19/16


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