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Glycerol Time Reversal [UBC PHAS Demonstration Room Catalog]

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-====== Glycerol ​Demo ======+====== Glycerol ​Time Reversal ​======
-{{tag>​glycerol glycerine dye newtonian fluid needs_review untagged unlocated}}+{{tag> glycerol glycerine dye newtonian_fluid reversible_process thermodynamics located}}
 <WRAP box right> <WRAP box right>
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 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-After some dye has "​dispersed"​ in the glycerol, ​the handle ​can be turned ​to make it all come back together    Displays ​reversible processes ​in a highly viscous liquid   ​Classes Used: PHYS 153 +Consists of a pair of nested plexiglass cylinders with a cap on the top and bottom of the bigger cylinder, and a handle ​connected ​to the inner cylinderThere'​s ​hole in the top that accesses the space between the cylinders, which is filled with glycerol
- +
- +
- +
 ===== Purpose ===== ===== Purpose =====
 +Displays an unusual example of a reversible processes in a highly viscous liquid. After some dye has "​dispersed"​ in the glycerol, the handle can be turned to make it all come back together. ​ With a reversible process, it's possible to turn back the hand of time.
 ===== Apparatus ===== ===== Apparatus =====
- +  * Container with immersed cylinder and glycerol 
-glycerol ​with container, mixed dyes, syringe +  * Syringes ​with dye
- +
 ===== Setup ===== ===== Setup =====
- +  - Inject some dye into the container using the syringe. 
- +  ​- ​Turn the handle to disperse the dye. 
-1. Inject some dye into the container using the syringe. +  ​- ​Turn the handle in the opposite direction to reverse the dispersion effect.
-2. Turn the handle to disperse the dye. +
-3. Turn the handle in the opposite direction to reverse the dispersion effect. +
- +
 ===== Notes ===== ===== Notes =====
-The handle can be turned a limited number of times before it is impossible to reverse the effect. ​ ​Updated on: 06/12/13+The handle can be turned a limited number of times before it is impossible to reverse the effect. ​Turning the handle with a jerky motion may inhibit the dye coming back together.
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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 <WRAP tablewidth 100%> <WRAP tablewidth 100%>
-| **Location** | ---- |+| **Location** | C5 |
 | **Maker** | Unknown | | **Maker** | Unknown |
 | **Current State** | Working | | **Current State** | Working |
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