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Ice Bomb


Consists of a cast iron 'flask' with a plug that can be screwed in. Single use. Used with liquid nitrogen,


To demonstrate the expansion of water when it changes state. Illustrate the explosively powerful forces involved in this state change.


  • Cast iron 'ice bomb'
  • Bucket of water
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Gloves
  • 1/4“ wrench / adjustable wrench
  • Teflon plumbing tape


  1. Apply thread tape to threads on the cast iron bomb cap
  2. Submerge the ice bomb in the bucket of water and tighten the plug in while it is fully submerged, ensuring no bubbles are trapped inside. Use the wrench to tighten the plug as much as possible.
  3. Cut the top off a 2L pop bottle so it creates a container for the liquid nitrogen (make it as tall as possible)
  4. Place bomb inside the container and add liquid nitrogen until the container is full (more is better so as to make sure the bomb explodes)
  5. Place the protective cover over the apparatus and wait for the explosion.


This is a dangerous demonstration. Please keep it a distance away from the students and ask for assistance from demo staff.

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