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Thermal Gradient [UBC PHAS Demonstration Room Catalog]

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Thermal Gradient


Demonstrating how heat “flows” visually.


The blocks of aluminum can be viewed on the IR camera to show how heat transfers between objects. This transfer can be likened to a flow of energy.


Infrared camera, aluminum blocks, thermal grease ( Zinc Oxide Cream), hot plate

Set up: Setup the IR camera to aim at your work space. Coat the smallest faces of the aluminum blocks in a thin layer of thermal grease to create full contact with each other. Heat one or two of the blocks on the hot plate to approximately 60 degrees. Place the heated blocks in front of the IR camera and place the third block in contact with the heated ones via the greased surfaces. The transfer of heat between the blocks should be visible as the blocks begin to equalize.



Tape on blocks are there to increase emissivity for the IR camera to see.

Updated on: 06/19/13

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