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Conductivity Bridge


Using an aluminum bridge to demonstrate rate of heat transfer through conduction. Classes Used: PHYS 153


To demonstrate rates of heat transfer between a thermal reservoir at constant temperature and a block of aluminum. This demo shows how rate of transfer is dependent on material properties as well as the amount of material and the distance over which the energy is transferred.


Aluminum and steel strips, aluminum blocks, thermal grease, hot plate, vernier probe with logger pro

Set up:

  • Setup one aluminum block on the hot plate.
  • Coat the smallest faces of the aluminum blocks in a thin layer of thermal grease.
  • Coat the desired contact surface of the bridges in thermal grease
  • Use ring stand to support vernier probe in second aluminum block (with hole drilled to fit probe)
  • Set the hot plate to a constant temperature and allow the aluminum to reach constant temperature
  • Connect the hot aluminum block with the vernier probe block using desired bridge
  • Monitor temperature increase in logger pro

Updated on: 06/12/13



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