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Aluminum Ice Melt


To demonstrate the difference between heat and temperature a sheet of aluminum is used to melt an ice cube almost as if its in a frying pan! Only at room temperature. Classes Used: PHYS 153


The aluminum ice melt is a simple demonstration to help students understand the difference between heat and temperature. Although the aluminum feels cool to the touch, when an ice cube is placed on its surface the ice begins to melt at an accelerated rate.


Aluminum squares, elastic bands, ice cubes, paper towel

Set up: Hand out the aluminum plates to the student (in groups of 3-5 depending on class size). The elastic is placed on the plate to form a barrier to stop the ice from slipping around. Then all the students need to do it place the ice cube on the plate and watch it melt. For effect it is good to give them a second piece of ice they can place on a piece of paper to see how the two scenarios differ.

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