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Curie Point Magnetic Engine


An engine that utilizes the Curie point

Useful Links: Video demonstrating the effect


To demonstrate the effect of raising a material's temperature past the Curie point


Curie point engine (comes as a unit) Propane torch Flathead screw driver


1. Insert the propane torch into the slot on the side of the mount as shown (lines on the torch mark the gap) 2. Ensure the stand is the correct position as shown in the images 3. The pendulum should be attracted to the magnet stack and should be slightly past the torch 4. Open the torch valve slightly and light it with a match 5. Once the magnets on the pendulum are heated past the Curie point the pendulum will swing away from the stack 6. When the magnets cool down, they will be attracted to the stack again, thereby starting the engine cycle


Height and position of the magnet stack can be adjusted for optimal performance Currently the engine is running very slow (15 seconds per cycle)

Updated on 01/19/16

Demo room information

Location O4
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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