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Ball And Ring


Consists of a a copper plate and copper ring mounted on a lab stand, and a steel ball with a bent length of wire affixed.


Demonstrates differing thermal expansion coefficients of unlike materials; demonstrates the widening of internal holes due to thermal expansion of a volume.



Place the ball on either the ring or the hole in the plate. Use the blow torch to apply heat evenly to the area. Due to the dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion, the plate/ring will expand faster than the ball and the hole will widen enough for the ball to drop through. The bent length of wire attached to the ball serves to prevent the potentially-very-hot ball from getting away, it should catch on the hole after it drops through.


As with any demonstration involving the use of the propane torch, take caution. Don't transport the demo until is has been allowed to cool, and be careful that the ball doesn't fall and land on someone.

Demo room information

Location C4, torch on I6
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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