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Kundt's Tube


Displays nodes and antinodes Classes Used: PHYS 101, PHYS 153


To demonstrate standing waves, nodes and anti-nodes


Kundt's tube with speaker attached Function generator Amplifier (stereo receiver)

Set up:

  1. Attach the function generator (channel 1) output to the input at the back of the amplifier labeled “Phono Right”
  2. Ensure the Amplifier is set to play the Phono input
  3. Attach the two cables from the back of the amplifier to the speakers
  4. Test the speaker to check if the polarity is right (they only work one way)
  5. Select a frequency on the function generator and turn up the volume on the stereo
  6. 175 Hz is one of the main frequency setting but multiple others show standing waves
  7. An interesting effect occurs when you toggle frequencies consecutively with the frequency dial



After some amount of vibrating, the styrofoam beads will build up sufficient static charges to stay in the standing wave shape even when the speaker is turned off.

Music can also be played into the speaker for this demonstration .

Length between the nodes can be used to calculate the speed of sound in air.

The amplifier and function generator can be found on one of the carts

Demo room information

Location S2
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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