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Doppler Noise Maker


Doppler Effect Classes Used: PHYS 101, PHYS 153, ASTR 101

waves, Doppler

Useful Links: The BBC provides information on “Life, the Universe and Everything” originally started by Douglas Adams and provides quite a bit of trivia on the Doppler Effect. Updated on: 06/19/13


To demonstrate the Doppler effect.


Self-contained Doppler apparatus, green ball (to protect siren).


The unit is a self-contained apparatus containing a battery, oscillator and a speaker that is small enough to be whirled around one's head on a length of cord. Switch on and whirl around one's head at a reasonable speed and an apparent change in frequency will be observed by the class. Due to safety concerns, this demo has now been enclosed in a Nerf ball in the event that the one operating the demo has poor grip.


Demo room information

Location —-
Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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