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Driven Oscillator


Shows simple harmonic motion of a spring system that is being consistently driven by a set frequency

 Shows that a spring-mass system will reach a larger amplitude when driven by the same frequency as the systems resonance frequency.

Description: Once on, the device will cause the mass-spring system to oscillate. Using this machine you can show driven oscillations, resonance frequency and damping



- To turn on the machine, flight the switch on the back of the machine. (The front panel should light up but there should be no movement) - To begin the oscillation, flick the switch on the bottom right of the front panel. - You can change the drive frequency by spinning the dial marked “frequency” on the right hand side of the front panel - To determine an estimate of the resonance frequency, slowly increase the drive frequency until the amplitude goes from small to large to small again. The peak frequency at the “large” amplitude is the resonance frequency - To adjust for damping: either remove or adjust the distance between the two magnets at the bottom of the support pole


1. The panel never lights up: - Check to make sure the fuse is not blown - Check to make sure the machine is plugged in - Make sure you switched the back power switch not the front

2. The machine is on, but not oscillating: - Make sure you have switched the front toggle switch on - If you can hear the motor is running but there is no oscillation make sure the drive belt is on properly (or replace it if it is missing). The drive belt is a standard elastic band, find one the at fits correctly (see image below)

3. The mass spring system wont stay in the guides: - This means the drive arm is too long, adjust the drive arm length by unscrewing the screw on the back of the large drive wheel and adjusting the length (see image below)



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