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 ====== Venturi Meter ====== ====== Venturi Meter ======
-{{tag>​bernoulli ​needs_review untagged ​unlocated}}+{{tag>​bernoulli ​fluid_mechanics pressure ​unlocated}}
 <WRAP box right> <WRAP box right>
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 ===== Description ===== ===== Description =====
-A demonstration ​of the Bernoulli theorem ​and the operation of a Venturi meter. ​   Classes Used: PHYS 101 +Consists of a glass tube with modifications. Part of the tube before ​and after the middle is enlarged somewhatand another U-shaped piece of tube connects the middle to one of these enlarged areas
- +
-Bernoulli theoremVenturi meter    Updated 04/25/13 +
- +
 ===== Purpose ===== ===== Purpose =====
-A demonstration of the Bernoulli theorem and the operation of a Venturi meter. ​   ​+A demonstration of Bernoulli'​s ​theorem and the operation of a Venturi meter. ​   ​
 ===== Apparatus ===== ===== Apparatus =====
-glass apparatus with U-tube, coloured water  +  * Venturi meter 
 +  * Colored water
 ===== Setup ===== ===== Setup =====
-The U-tube is filled partly with coloured ​water and air is blown through the apparatus ​and difference in water levels will be observed   +The U-shaped section of tubing ​is filled partly with colored ​water. Air is blown through the apparatus. This produced ​pressure differential between the two sides of the U-shaped tube, which causes the water level inside to change accordingly
 ===== Notes ===== ===== Notes =====
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