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Coriolis Effect(back Up)


Shows the Coriolis Effect by having a motorized platform rotate, and allows for a marble to rolled across at different speeds.

Contents: - Three different speed tubes (fast, medium, slow) - One 90 degree tube (mounted to the middle of the turn table) - One acrylic turntable - One turntable mount (Has Coriolis effect written on it) - One motor - One marble

Assembly 1. Insert the motor into the groove on the turntable mount. Attach it using 3 bolts 2. Attach the turntable to the motor by placing it on top 3. Use the 6V - 12V power supply and attach it to the motor (6V is plenty)

Instructions: 1. Assemble the Demo 2. Attach one of the speed tube to the center of the turntable 3. Insert the marble into the top of the speed tube and watch the displacement

Updated: May 6th, 2015





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