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Coriolis Effect


A turntable with a mounted camera used to demonstrate the coriolis effect. ONLY AVAILABLE IN HEBB 100

A ball is rolled across the table, and the speed at which the table turns can be varied and reversed using the power supply. Both images can be simultaneously projected to demonstrate the coriolis effect. This demo is only available in HEBB 100, as the webcam is linked to the demo room router. Equipment: two rods with clamps, turntable, camera bar (stored in Mechanics Room upstairs) second camera and cords (stored in middle closet) dc power supply (upper middle closet) ball (yellow closet) demo room laptop




1. Clamp the two rods on opposite sides of the turntable. 2. Attach the bar with the battery, camera and regulator circuit on top. 3. Attach the cords to the power supply. 4. Clamp the second camera to a stand, facing at the centre of the turntable, and make sure the entire apparatus clears it all the way around. 5. Attach the cords from the second camera to a power outlet and the vcr in HEBB Theatre. 6. Attach the laptop to the projector, and enter the IP into your browser. Username: Admin Password: 7. Select the laptop and the vcr for the two projectors on the lectern 8. Don't attach the battery to the leads until actually doing the demo, the battery needs to be as full as possible. Note to coop student: MAKE SURE THE BATTERY IS FULLY CHARGED, and check that the webcam works with the battery beforehand- the battery has a 12V output, and the demo uses a regulator to convert that to a 5V input to the camera, but this only works when the battery is fully charged. If you have trouble, try the second battery. This can be a little tricky, so leave yourself enough time.


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