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Air Track


Uses air to float a cart on a track to make an approximately frictionless surface.

Currently the track is inoperable.

Description An ~10ft long air track that allows for an approximately frictionless surface.

Set Up: 1. Attach the shop vacuum to one end of the track. (A stronger vacuum is better, a picture of the one I am using can be found below and is located in the outreach lab) 2. Make sure the opposite side is plugged. ( I plugged it pretty well with a cork and electrical tape, but its good to check in case some Einstein decided to use purely duct tape like it was before) 3. Cover the holes that are not going to be in use to increase the pressure inside the tube. (See image below)

Troubleshooting: If the cart is not moving well or you hear scraping noises there are several things to check. 1. Is there an obstruction on the track (glue, tape, dirt….etc) 2. Are any of the holes plugged with dust. Unfortunately, it is very hard to determine which of the holes is plugged, so find something very small (I used the wires of an old resistor) and clean out ALL OF THE HOLES. Don't get lazy and think you can tell which ones are blocked, you can't. For best results just tough it up and do all of them. Updated: 04/11/15





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