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Vernier Static/kinetic Friction


Show the difference between static and kinetic friction.



Computer with Logger Pro 3.1 installed, cart, car, Vernier sensor and equipment , two slabs of wood (shown), various weights, lab stand


Using a laptop with Logger Pro 3.1 installed set up the demonstration as shown in the photo. Only Channel 1 is used in this demonstration since only one car is needed. Open Logger Pro 3.1 and open a file called “c:\Program Files\Vernier Software\Logger Pro 3\ Experiments\_Physics with Computers\12a Static Kinetic Frict.xmbl”. Then all one needs to do is “Zero” the sensor, press “Collect” and pull on the car so that the block begins to move. A plot similar to that shown on the screen of the laptop should be seen. This can be projected by hooking up the laptop to the LCD projector. Updated on: 06/13/13


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