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Weight Dropping In The Water Tube


Using labpro to record the fluctuation of total weight of water and the weight while we let the weight free fall in the water tube.

Components for setting up:

dual range force sensor ( in the sensors drawer )

force plate (in the power supplies drawer )

long water tube (beside the sink)

labpro and wires (AV cables)

weights and stands

Set up

place the force plate on the floor, and hold the force sensor about 1.3 meters above the ground using the stand. At the tip of the force sensor tight a weight which will be let go later, connect the sensors' outputs to the labpro, and connect the output of the labpro to computer( a computer equipped with a program for loggerpro ) . Before let the weight go, click “ collect ” on computer , the data from both of the sensors will be collected and plotted, from the curve we can analyze various forces acting on the weight . Updated: Jan 24 2017





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