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Water Stream


Projectile Motion

Concepts Shown:

  • The angle of the water stream can be moved through a range from 0 to 90 degrees.
  • You can demonstrate the achievement of the same range from two different angles of projection.
  • You can also demonstrate that the maximum range is achieved at 45 degrees.
  • With the grid and angle known, you can calculate the velocity of the water stream leaving the pump




  • large pipe to serve as the water tray
  • a windshield washer fluid pump for the water pump
  • adjustable arrow and spout mount were cut out of wood
  • large sheet of corrogated plastic poster paper for the background
  • switch to turn the pump on and off
  • dyed water

</ul> Credit: This demo was built by Darren Gock for Physics 420. His full project can be viewed here. Updated on: 06/12/13



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