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Water Projectile


Show how starting angle effects projectiles. Classes Used: Phys 100

Projectile motion

General Location: The white backboard is kept on the top self of the Yellow closet. The rest of the apparatus is in the Kinematics closet. Updated on: 06/13/13


To show that projectiles have the farthest range when the angle is 45 degrees.


This demonstration needs to be assembled. The white, measuring background is seperate from the green pool of water.


Attach the little motor to a DC supply as shown in the pictures. If hooked up backwards, fluid will not be expelled through the nozzle, but backed up into the pool. This is OK, but it is not recommended to run the motor like this for long. Reverse wires and water will be sucked back into the pump, and out the nozzle. The big protractor can be used to determine what angle one needs to get the farthest range.


Demo room information

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Maker Unknown
Current State Working
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